Buttermilk Channel takes its name from the mile-long tidal strait between Brooklyn and Governors Island. In New Yorkʼs early days, when Brooklyn was still farmland, dairy farmers would cross Buttermilk Channel by boat to sell their milk in Manhattan markets. Tidal currents in the channel are notoriously strong—strong enough, some said, to churn the milk into butter.
Buttermilk is also an essential ingredient in our American comfort food. Its what makes our pancakes light and fluffy and our fried chicken tender and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.
Buttermilk Channelʼs owner, Doug Crowell, is a native New Yorker and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. His passion for service and hospitality led him to a career the dining room. He met chef Ryan Angulo while working at the the prestigious French restaurant Picholine, in Manhattan, and in 2008 they opened Buttermilk Channel, a casual American bistro in the historic neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
Buttermilk Channel has since become one of Brooklynʼs hottestrestaurants, but it remains firmly rooted in its community—a gathering place for friends and neighbors to return time and again. Itʼs a restaurant for all occasions, from early family dinners to romantic dates, late night celebrations, and a decadent brunch the morning after.
At Buttermilk Channel, we offer satisfying American cuisine and warm, friendly hospitality. Whether you visit us from around the corner or around the globe, we consider you a neighbor and a friend.